StaFiHub Introduction

The StaFi parallel chain dedicated for Cosmos ecosystem rTokens

Key Features

StaFiHub is a parallel chain developed by StaFi based on the Cosmos SDK. It has the following features:

1) The chain function will be based on the Cosmos SDK that is similar to that of TerraChain, Osmosis Chain, and Sifchain. However, the validator system will not be open when the mainnet is launched and will be nominated by the StaFi Foundation.

2) It will be an application chain serving the Cosmos Eco Staking Derivatives.

3) The IBC cross-chain protocol will be supported. The token assets of the Cosmos ecosystem can be cross-chained to StaFiHub through the IBC protocol, and the rToken assets on the StaFiHub can all circulate in the Cosmos ecosystem through the IBC protocol.

4) Cosmos ECO tokens can directly mint out StaFiHub-based staking derivatives using the Keplr wallet and the corresponding PoS Token.

5) The StaFi team will build a cross-chain bridge between StaFi Chain and StaFiHub to support the exchange of rTokens between the two chains.

6) General Liquid Staking Solutions for Cosmos SDK Projects will be opened to the community to encourage the Cosmos ECO community to develop staking derivatives. Based on StaFiHub, the circulation process of Cosmos Eco's rToken in "Mint-Trade-Redeem" will be greatly improved. Let's take rATOM as an example, as shown in the figure below:

Benefits of StaFiHub

StaFiHub is an important part of StaFi rToken's ecological expansion. It can help StaFi rToken expand the Cosmos Eco ecosystem in a more friendly way and at a lower cost. With StaFi Hub, we can:

1) Quickly and efficiently serve all Cosmos ecosystems (which consists of over 40 Cosmos SDK Projects), and provide them with Liquid Staking Solution.

2) Promote Adoption with a more friendly user experience for Cosmos ecological users.

3) Enrich the ecosystem of StaFi's rToken.

StaFi rToken Protocol Stack in Future

In addition to building the StaFiHub to serve the Staking Derivatives of Cosmos ECO, we will also build a Polkadot Parachain to serve the Staking Derivatives of Polkadot ECO. Both StaFiHub and StaFiParachain will be the parallel chains of StaFi Chain, and assets will circulate freely among them through a cross-chain bridge. The future StaFi rToken Protocol Stack looks like this:

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