rATOM Migration

rATOM service will migrate from StaFiChain to StaFiHub once StaFiHub is online and this instruction is aim to help you to understand the process and know what you need to do especially when you're an rATOM holder.

Migration Process

  1. StaFiHub is online.

  2. StaFiChain closes rATOM service, after that, rATOM's data on StaFiChain will stay the same.

    • All rToken relay services of rATOM on StaFiChain needs to be closed.

    • Liquidity-Bond(mint rATOM) and Liquidity-Unbond(burn rATOM) interfaces needs to be switched off.

  3. StaFiHub initializes rATOM based on the data of rATOM on StaFiChain which contains the following items.

    The initialization is allowed only once.

    • rATOM Total Supply. After initialization, this data is held by StaFiHub’s rToken Module.

    • rATOM Exchange Rate.

    • rATOM Current Pool State. This data includes pool addresses, current staked amount, amount to be staked and unstaked next Era.

    • rATOM Total Protocol Fee. All the protocol fee of rATOM collected by StaFiChain will also be migrated to StaFiHub.

    • rATOM Pool Unbonds. Unbond records of all pools needs to be migrated so that redemptions that have not yet ended on StaFiChain can go on.

  4. StaFiHub opens its rATOM service. At this moment, the migration is almost done and users can use StaFiHub to get rATOM.

  5. rATOM holders can get their rATOM on StaFiHub through a cross-chain transaction on StaFiChain in which an StaFiHub address needs to be specified to receive rATOM from StaFiHub's rToken module. This is the only action that the holder needs to take.

    The cross-chain transaction is supported by a one-way bridge developed by StaFi.

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