Integrating with Interchain Accounts

It is highly recommended to read interchain-accounts introductions before moving on.

With the release of Interchain Accounts, which enables cross-chain account management built upon IBC, a solution to build rTokens via Interchain Accounts is implemented on StaFiHub and brings more security, decentralization and ease of integration.

The target chain is assumed to have integrated Interchain Accounts(ICA) module.

Like the way to integrate with multisig accounts, no development is required at all, the integration process is also a three-step process and the main step is to configure the following parameters, of which most are the same except pool accounts, the other two steps are the same and we won't belabor it here.



The denomination used by the target chain



Decimal points to covert minimal denomination to user-facing denomination



Prefix of account address



Prefix of validator address



Relay accounts of StaFiHub. Each rToken realy service needs to import an account to initiate transactions with the StaFiHub. 7 accounts recommended on mainnet

stafi17yl0s0zh7u87uhluzn2egg5ru2hy3jqxfspdlp stafi12a0n3294pncp24c93d0as3g3t5zjhcnrnugsd7 stafi1tjg6cw5lklvz7nwd0ck9veua9ldm4lxnrr99y4


Threshold of the relayers. 4 recommended on mainnet



Gas price. Ensure that each rToken realy service can successfully initiate a transaction to the target chain



Unbonding time of the target chain



Minimum staking amount to mint rToken(Optional). Usually decided by StaFiHub



An ICA-pool contains two ICA-accounts, one of them is used as the pool account, the other is a secondary account used to collect staking rewards

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As the target chain already supports the ICA module, StaFiHub can register ICA accounts on the target chain through its module Ledger and use them as ICA pool accounts.

During the registration process, the module Ledger plays the role as the Authentication Module, while StaFiHub is the Controller Chain, and the target chain is the Host Chain.


  1. Integrating with Interchain Accounts or Multisig accounts, Can the two integration methods coexist for an rToken?

    Yes. Here are the details:

    • The two types of pools exist independently, and all of them can receive origin Token.

    • The exchange rate is calculated after counting the total number of all pool staked.

    • Both methods rely on the same set of code as their relay service.

  2. Why does it need to run rToken relay service for integrating with Interchain Accounts?

    As Interchain Query is not released at the moment, the Host chain(StaFiHub) can not directly query balance or total staked amount of the Interchain Accounts and need rToken relay service to collect these information to enable StaFiHub to build Interchain transactions. Once Interchain Query is released, integrating with Interchain Accounts will be upgraded to Phase 2 and this issue will be addressed. At that moment, rToken will be completely decentralized.

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