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Get FIS Token on StaFiHub

Swap FIS from StaFi chain to StaFiHub chain

1.Enter rBridge page in rToken App: https://app.stafi.io/rAsset/swap/FIS, click “Connect Polkadojst” and follow the picture shows to connect StaFi account.
2.Before swapping, please make sure that there is enough FIS in your StaFi account. Select the FIS token type, fill the swapped FIS amount and StaFiHub address and click “Swap”.
Please refer to this guide to get StaFiHub accounts.
3.This swapping process will last 2-10 minutes, please check the FIS balance in your StaFiHub account after ending.

Swap FIS on the StaFihub chain using native ATOM and other Cosmos Eco tokens in Fee Station

1.Enter Fee Station page as the picture shows below or click the link: https://app.stafihub.io/feeStation
2.Click “Select a token” to select ATOM Token (This guide will take ATOM as an example), fill the amount of ATOM, the FIS amount that you will get will be shown,and then click “Swap”.
3.Please check the amount of FIS token in the notification bar and Keplr wallet after transferring.


If your current StaFiHub account meets the following two requirements, 0.5 FIS will be sent as gas fee for next operation such as claim airdropped FIS token:
1.The FIS balance in your StaFiHub account is 0.
2.Stake at least 1 ATOM.