StaFiHub is a parallel chain developed by StaFi based on the Cosmos SDK, by implementing the rToken Protocol, StaFiHub releases liquidity of tokens staked in other chains of the Cosmos Ecosystem. Through good module design, open cross-chain-bridge design and developer incentive strategy, StaFiHub will cooperate with other chains in the Cosmos Ecosystem and work with other developers to bring out multiple rTokens. What's more, StaFiHub will integrate IBC module to interact with other IBC chains in Cosmos Eco and integrate the bridge between StaFi chain and StaFiHub and will also build rDEX so that rToken holders can easily trade them.

The First Staking Derivative SDK will be provided for Developers so that Cosmos SDK based projects can develop its own staking derivative by using the SDK, which could be easily integrated without taking too much cost and time.

StaFiHub Tokens

As a parallel chain of StaFi chain, StaFiHub's native token is FIS. StaFiHub will also have many rTokens. Both FIS and rTokens are able to transfered to other chains through IBC.

  • FIS. FIS can be used to pay fees for all transactions.

  • rToken. rToken is transferable and can be used to redeem origin tokens.

StaFi Open Architectures

In order to make it more efficient, secure and decentralized to create rTokens, StaFiHub build an open architecture so that other teams and developers can join us and create rTokens together.

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