Claim Airdropped FIS Token

Check Eligibility

1.Enter the airdrop page:

2.Click “Connect Keplr“ and follow the tips to connect Keplr wallet, so please make sure that you have installed Keplr wallet and imported StaFiHub or Cosmos accounts.


3.Click “Claim FIS Token”.

4.You could check the eligibility in the “ CHECK AIRDROP ELIGIBILITY” page.

Claim Airdropped FIS Token

Before starting your claim, please make sure you have a few FIS (on StaFiHub chain) to pay for the gas fee. If not, there are 3 ways for you to get FIS on the StaFiHub chain:

Swap FIS from StaFi chain to StaFiHub chain via rBridge V2 with, please refer to this guide.

Swap FIS on the StaFihub chain using native ATOM and other Cosmos Eco tokens in Fee Station, please refer to this guide.

Stake at least 1 ATOM, 0.5 FIS will be sent as gas fee for next operation such as claim airdropped FIS token.

1.Click “Start Claim” to claim the airdropped FIS token.

2.Sign for the verification information, then you will see the tips: Claim reward succeed.

3.Click “Confirmed” to confirm that your airdropped FIS token has been sent to your current account.

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