Testing Guide
Before testing, please make sure that you have installed Keplr wallet. If not, please download/install and follow the instructions to import your Cosmos account.


1.Join StaFi Faucet: https://discord.gg/SkTFbwjyMM
2.On the faucet group, reply !faucet send + Account
ATOM: !faucet send cosmos15wu5sxpvswyare3x65d3hlatmlptne735hjdyg
IRIS: !faucet send iaa187kj0nx7v3yt7estga98m9r8dptqvtdap2dzq9
FIS: !faucet send stafi15wu5sxpvswyare3x65d3hlatmlptne730uz8ss
  • Each Discord account can receive 1 airdrop within 24 hours.
  • Each address can only receive airdrop for 1 time.
  • The maximum daily distribution of airdrops is 100 FIS/ATOM.

Basic rToken Function

1.Stake and Mint rATOM

1) Enter the StaFiHub App: https://test-app.stafihub.io/ , click Keplr to connect with StaFiHub.
2) We take staking ATOM as an example to demonstrate the operation in StaFiHub App.
3.Enter the amount of ATOM and received address on the "STAKE" page, and click "You will get 20.00 rATOM".
4) Click “Understood” and “Approve”as the page prompts, the "Liquidity Process" on the right will show the Sending & Minting process.
Note: Liquidity process will request your approval, do not edit your memo, otherwise you cannot receive your rATOM.
5) Check the delegation data on the "DASHBOARD" page.

2.Redeem The Staked ATOM

1) Click "Redeem rATOM" on the "DASHBOARD" page.
2) Enter the number of rATOM, and the system will calculate the amount of redeemed ATOM based on the current exchange rate.
Confirm the address of receiving ATOM.
3.Confirm the following information on the pop-up page: The number of unbonded rATOM, unbonding commission (it is set as 0.2% of unbond rATOM in the early stage), Relay bridge fee, unbonding period, and the number of ATOM you could get.
Click “unbond”.
4) After the signature is completed, the amount of staked ATOM and unbonding ATOM will be displayed on the "Unbonded Records" page.
After the unbonding period ends, the user does not need to withdraw it manually, and the ATOM tokens will be automatically sent to the designated address.

3.Recovery function

When the sending is completed and the ATOMs are sent to the StaFiHub contract address on the Cosmos chain, but the staking process is not completed yet, the "Recovery" function will help you to resume the staking process.
1) Confirm whether the transaction is successful in the notification bar. If it prompts "Error", it means the stake operation failed, as shown below:
2) Confirm the Token type on the current page, enter the TxHash and receiving address, click "Proceed" to continue the delegation process.
When you continue to stake ATOM, the signature page will pop up, just follow the prompts.

The way to get TxHash:

IBC Transfer

rBridge Swap (IBC) aims to swap the tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem and rToken between StaFiHub and Cosmos. That means the token assets of the Cosmos ecosystem can be cross-chained to StaFiHub through the IBC protocol, and the rToken assets on the StaFiHub can all circulate in the Cosmos ecosystem through the IBC protocol.
1) Choose the token standard before and after swapping, select the token that will be swapped, enter the amount of swapped token and confirm the receiving address.
Then click “Swap”.
2) Follow the prompt "Approve" in the transaction confirmation interface.
3) You could confirm the swapping status in the notice bar.

Fee Station

The FIS Station App aims to help users to exchange for native FIS token to pay for the gas fee when using StaFiHub App. Now the FIS Station App supports ATOM and IRIS to swap for FIS token. In the near future,it will also support more tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem.
This guide takes ATOM as an example to demonstrate the process of swapping native tokens into FIS tokens.
1) Enter the FIS Station App as the picture shows below or click the links: https://test-app.stafihub.io/feeStation
2) ​​Click “Select a token” to select native Token.
3) Enter the amount of FIS tokens you want to exchange for.
Note: you can swap up to 20 FIS per transaction.
4) When swapping ATOM token into FIS token, you need to sign to ensure the safety of the whole swapping process.
Please check the amount of FIS token in the notification bar.